Ocean CFS

Off the ship, onto the pier, and out to your final destination ASAP. We efficiently and securely transport your freight from port to final destination, treating your goods as our own.


IPI Network

With access to millions of square feet of bonded warehouse space and customs approved container freight stations in the U.S. and Canada, we provide complete IPI coverage.

IPI Facility Rates
IPI Destinations


Export Consolidation

The CODA management team benefits from decades of CFS experience, working with businesses to consolidate thousands of containers of export freight.



Your company’s success is our top priority. Our leadership team is comprised of industry experts – recognized for their contributions to building a modern CFS industry.



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The team at CODA is ready to assist. We have a wide network of secure and efficiently managed warehouses and partner CFS facilities that covers the entire United States and Canada.

Q. Do I need a login to check availability?

A. No, freight availability is obtainable without login credentials. Simply enter your container, AMS, IT number or HBL number in the 'availability' box located on the lower right side of our home page.

Q. When will my cargo be available?

A. Generally, one business day after container has been dispatched.

Q. Do you require an appointment for pickup?

A. No, we are a first come first serve facility.

Q. What are the charges due?

A. Warehouse in/out charges are viewable via our website, however subject to change after devanning. Demurrage charges may be calculated via our website.

Q. How many pallets are required for exchange?

A. Exchange pallets and pallet purchase costs may be viewed via our website.

Q. What are the hours for pickup?

A. Please note our hours for pickup can be found on our contact page. Please note we are not open on weekends for window pickups.

Q. What types of payment do we accept?

A. We accept PayCargo, CargoSprint, ACH, Wire Payments (wire fee is applicable), cash, and company checks (maximum check amount is $1,000).

Q. Can you provide dimensions of my cargo?

A. Please contact local CODA representative for costs.

Q. What paperwork should my driver bring?

A. Driver MUST have hard copy of Delivery Order in hand at time of pick up (plus any missing paperwork on the shipment itself).

Q. Do you have a ramp for loading?

A. New Jersey and Illinois have ramps for loading. Please contact local CODA representative for costs.

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