Ocean CFS

Off the ship, onto the pier, and out to your final destination ASAP. We efficiently and securely transport your freight from port to final destination, treating your goods as our own.


IPI Network

With access to millions of square feet of bonded warehouse space and customs approved container freight stations in the U.S. and Canada, we provide complete IPI coverage.

IPI Facility Rates
IPI Destinations


Export Consolidation

The CODA management team benefits from decades of CFS experience, working with businesses to consolidate thousands of containers of export freight.



Your company’s success is our top priority. Our leadership team is comprised of industry experts – recognized for their contributions to building a modern CFS industry.



Stay up-to-date with the latest news and information from CODA.



The team at CODA is ready to assist. We have a wide network of secure and efficiently managed warehouses and partner CFS facilities that covers the entire United States and Canada.


Decades of Experience, and Our Unwavering Commitment to Your Success

Your company’s success is our top priority. Our leadership team is comprised of industry experts – recognized for their contributions to building a modern CFS industry in North America. Our deep experience enables us to help customers overcome any shipping challenge or problem conceivable, and we’ve seen it all.

If you want to work with a team that is 100% committed to customer success, and to providing the best service in the industry, you need to contact us.

Marie Costa

Marie Costa,

Marie Costa is a well-regarded industry expert, and achieved status of Executive Vice President working with St. George Logistics for over 28 years. Marie played a vital role at St George, maintaining existing customer relationships as well as the development of new business relationships both domestically and overseas. She possesses extensive experience in every aspect of shipping and logistics business, from managing internal teams and external vendors, to establishing logistics systems and procedures, to day-to-day operations. Additionally, she is a Customs Border and Protection Specialist, responsible for frequently updating personnel on changes in CBP rules and regulations.


Richard Funaro

Richard Funaro,
Chief Financial Officer

Rich is a high performing, high potential accounting professional. He possesses strong communication, leadership, problem solving and analytical skills. Rich has extensive experience in the financial services industry in the Accounting and Operations fields. Rich has a bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance and a Master’s Degree with a concentration in Accounting.


Apryl Vogel

Apryl Vogel,
Chief Operating Officer

Apryl’s problem solving proficiency has been recognized for over 20 years demonstrating successful management and operational components in Ocean and Air Container Freight Station, Domestic and 3PL Warehousing as well as Freight Forwarding verticals.  Her knowledge has assisted with development, implementation and training personnel on new operating systems during her tenure in Logistics. Apryl’s expert communication enables her to explain complex concepts in simple terms and the ability to persevere during stressful situations with positive end results.


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